Quick updates

I did an overhaul of the website last night to make it a bit more functional. I also have some publishing news!

I’ve had a lot of sales recently, but the wordy world is slow, and so it’ll be a little while yet before things happen. You can expect to see my poetry sometime this year in The Deadlands, New Myths, and Fantasy Magazine! I’ve also got a short story coming out sometime this year at Daily Science Fiction. I’ll update again when these are out, and also make more of an effort to keep the lists of published fiction and poetry up to date. I’ve been delighted with the reception of “Tides that Bind” in Diabolical Plots. It’s a story that’s near and dear to my heart and I’ve been hoping to see out in the world for a while, so it’s nice to have that little tiny bit of validation that other people like it, too.

In other news, planning for Flights of Foundry 2022 is in full swing! I’ve been working on that and also some other behind-the-scenes work at the Dream Foundry. I keep hoping to have some specific exciting news to share in that area, but again, it takes a while, and nothing is absolutely nailed down yet. So I wait.

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