Cislyn Smith is a speculative fiction author who likes playing pretend, playing games, and playing with words. She calls Madison, WI her home and enjoys the company of three cats, some humans, a few frogs, and an assortment of cool bacteria. Cislyn has been known to crochet tentacles, write stories and poems at odd hours, and gallivant. She is occasionally dismayed by the lack of secret passages in her house.

She has been published in Electric Velocipede, Flash Fiction Online, Strange HorizonsStar*Line, and Cthulhu Haiku 2. She is currently a submissions editor for Uncanny Magazine.

Most recently, she completed a year-long collaborative art and writing project, CC: Otherworlds,  with Claire Whitmore. Cislyn and Claire picked a prompt from a hat fortnightly and then went off and each created something weird and wonderful and sent it off through the mail.