Welcome to Cislyn’s cabinet of curiosities! Here you can find my published fiction and poetry, a sporadically updated blog, and possibly more in the future.

Wondering who I am?

I am a speculative fiction short story writer, poet, and editor. I write science fiction, fantasy, slipstream, weird west, horror, and just about everything in between. In addition to writing, I am also involved in non-profit work and community building. I helped to found The Dream Foundry, a community and advocacy nonprofit for speculative artists. The Dream Foundry’s work is incredibly important to me, and I’m always happy to talk about what we do – if you’d like to do that, the easiest way is probably to find me on the Dream Foundry’s Discord server. Part of my work for the Dream Foundry is helping to run our annual virtual convention, Flights of Foundry. Flights of Foundry is free to attend, and a great opportunity to meet neat people, network, and expand your creative horizons, and you should definitely attend! I’m also a first reader for GigaNotoSaurus, Uncanny, and Reckoning, and a graduate of the Viable Paradise workshop. If you’re looking for me on social media, I’m on Mastodon and twitter.

When I’m not wearing some combination of those metaphorical and literal hats, I’m geeking out about something nifty I’ve just read, my incredibly cuddly cats, or some new craft project.

If you’re here to read my wordy work, you’re in luck!
You can find my published fiction here, and published poetry here.